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Road Prince is an organic home-grown brand that started off by three brothers who envisioned a motorcycle brand for Pakistan. The thought behind it was to create motorcycles that competed with the best motorcycle companies, not just nationally but internationally. A brand that every Pakistani can be proud to be an owner of.

The motorcycle industry was at the time making it difficult for people to buy a quality motorcycle at an affordable price. Road Prince was a breath of fresh air at the time which not only competed with top motorcycle manufacturers in quality but also services such as spare parts availability through its spare parts dealer network across Pakistan and service through mechanic training. All facilities are available at the customer’s disposal being at a competitive price.

Road Prince came into being in 2004 and it is regarded as one of the most well-reputed motorcycle brands in Pakistan in a very short period of time. Road Prince is known for its quality motorcycles, loaders, and rickshaws. All products are being assembled in top-class facilities in Punjab, Pakistan.

Why choose Road Prince? We have a strategic advantage that puts our customers in a comfortable position. We have Motorcycle dealerships within your reach with more than 1000 locations through direct dealerships as well as partners. Similarly, our customers can be at ease knowing that we have the largest Spare Parts network across Pakistan. And lastly, we have one of the highest independent service networks and 3S facilities in Pakistan making us the first choice for urban and rural mobility for our customers.


‘Become your mobility partner’


‘To ingrain excellence in every aspect of the company, to become customer-centric, where customers feel at ease knowing they are buying a quality product with great after-sales services.

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