About Us

About Us

Eiffel Industries Limited emerge actually from many years of excellence when the father of sitting directors started importing motorcycle parts from Japan. This was an era when auto industry players of Japan entered the Pakistan’s motorcycle market. It was the greater vision of Mr. Muhammad Usman Sheikh (late) to get into the business of auto-parts. Later when motorcycle market developed, he started importing parts from Taiwan and then from China as well.


The business expanded, another office in Lahore was opened and started selling Japanese brand Yamaha. The business in Lahore developed successfully and turned into remarkable business unit selling motorcycles and whole selling motorcycle parts. Later into this business new generation and new thoughts were pumped in, who made this business a real success.


From 1995, Pakistan motorcycle market showed the acceptance of Chinese origin motorcycles especially in the range of 70cc. From year 2000 it was showing upward trend and Chinese motorcycles were gaining acceptance in the market. By year 2004 management decided to launch a 4 stroke 70cc motorcycle Chinese origin.




High standards market competitiveness meeting the Japanese and European criteria. Diversify to meet the customer demands by virtue of economy, affordability and durability with consistent efforts, good quality and with great backup system company has now reached among top ten brands of Pakistan. Omega has now already started to manufacture various local parts with highest level of quality and satisfaction to our esteemed customers. To fulfill such needs of customer and to ensure quality to meet the growing demands of customers, company has recently acquired a large land and built a standard motorcycle manufacturing and assembly plant near Kasoor.


Eiffel Industries Limited plant is fully equipped with today’s requirements in motorcycle industry. This includes Main assembly line, Engine assembly, various sections of sub assembly, Quality control, Vendor development, Procurement department, Paint shop, Pre-delivery inspection section and in house manufacturing of various parts.


Omega management is striving to match the realities of Pakistani conditions. Company management is now fully adopt and ready for any change and for any new demand in the market”




‘ROAD PRINCE is a brand aiming to full fill the basic needs of individuals who are willing to meet their requirement of transportation coupled with affordability and economy, sustainability and less after sales expenses.


‘Quality Policy’

* No Compromise on quality of motorcycles & parts.

* Keep improving in quality ( Sales, Service & Parts).

* Training Manpower to improve overall structure of organisation.

* Prosperity and well being for all.



A progressive company who aims to offer quality products through market orientation to all the segments of motorcycle market. Excel in production systems, train manpower on most modern techniques and technology.